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Ninjas and Pirates and Pixels and Coffee!

That’s exactly what you’ll find if you go downtown today! 3 years into the making this puppy is ready to be Born!  Officially Beta launched, and independently owned by Heather Powell, Ottawa’s only video game café is for geeks and nerds by geeks and nerds. The official copy from their press release states: “Caffeine 1UP […]

Nerd Pixels

Fancy your Brand across Ontario for $10?

If the answer is a resounding YES, than let us introduce you to the Nerd PIXEL! An efficient, inexpensive way to be seen while we are off on our #NerdTour! Ok, so what is a Nerd PIXEL? A nerd pixel is your business card on one of our 3 big canvases travelling with us through […]

Drone Deliveries

Drone Pizza Delivery is a GO!

Domino’s has just been green-lit in New Zealand to begin Drone-Pizza-Deliveries, a faster-than-expected move to incorporate drones in day-to-day life. This quick advancement comes as the New Zealand Government rolled out new laws of allowing the use of UAVs for commercial and recreational purposes. This quick move by company and government is most likely due to drone […]


Lots of networking groups in Ottawa but I feel this one is very personal and Matt is a fantastic guy to know. It is very welcoming and relaxed with not just nerds 😉

Presantha Dassa

Overall great, easy-going and very friendly event that brings a unique twist to the networking scene in Ottawa. Very recommended!

Daniyal Zafar

I love Networking for Nerds. It is down to earth with friendly and smart people. Unlike some pretentious events, it truly has a “come as you are and everyone is welcome” vibe. After all, everyone is a nerd in their own way! On a more professional note, I just signed on a new client that I met with at the last event. Oh, and by the way, so much FUN!

Tina Sapp

What a fun event. The mix of people was great! Loved the casual atmosphere. And of course the Nerf guns! Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Samantha Jane

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